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Our induvial hair feathers give you the flexibility to make your own custom hair feather order. With over 75 feather colors to choose from your sure to find the right colors to fit your individual style.

Order each hair feather out one by one in the color and desired length of your choice.  Our hair feather length ranges from short feathers 7 inch feathers up to very long feathers over 16 inches long.

Use our sizing guide to determine which hair feather length is best for you style.

Hair Feather Length Sizing Guide

Medium: 9 to 12 Inch for short to above shoulder length hair

Long: 11 to 14 Inch for shoulder length hair

Super Long: 14 to 16 Inch for hair below the shoulders a couple inches

Mega Long: 16+ for very long  hair several inches below your shoulder

36 of 53 Items
36 of 53 Items