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Hair Feather Installation And Care

Introducing Hair Feather Installation, Maintenance, and Care - the perfect product to add a splash of excitement to your daily look! With our trusty tools for installing hair feathers and professional-grade materials for securely attaching them and taking extra special care of them to keep them looking vibrant and gorgeous, you'll have the ultimate glam look all day every day. 

Our looping tool makes putting in your hair feathers a breeze! Slide one of our silicone lined attachment beads onto your feather then use the looping tool to pull it through each individual strand. This helps ensure that each feather will be held firmly and securely so you can feel confident that your look won't drop down mid-day. 

As for maintenance and care? We've got you covered! Our professional pliers help remove any extra beads you may need to replace or take out when it’s time for a freshen-up. Before reusing any old feathers, give them a good wash with shampoo and conditioner before reinstallment to guarantee luscious locks all day long. 

Chic, stylish, fun - these are just some words that describe the effortless glamour granted by Hair Feather Installation, Maintenance, and Care. Show off those feathers proudly while having the ultimate peace of mind knowing they're secure and your hair is happy.

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6 of 6 Items