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Hair Feathers and Feather Hair Extensions

Hair Feathers and Feather Hair Extensions



Shop our premium quality hair feathers in short and long lengths you will love. We have the biggest color selection of hair feathers you will find to express your style. Our wide colors range from bright and bold, soft and natural and even neon glow in the dark colors.

For your shopping convivence we categorized our hair feathers in the following categories below to assist you in navigating our site.


Hair Feather Set

Mixed color packs, created by our stylists to provide color combinations for that exact vibe you’re looking for.

Single Hair Feathers

Here you can create your own mix by ordering each feather separately.  Single color feathers come 

Rainbow Color Hair Feathers

Dyed with multi-colors all on one feather.  Unique feathers that are bright and beautiful.

Salon Starter Sets of bulk Hair Feathers

Bulk Hair Feathers perfect for salon owners needing a variety of colors and lengths. Our hair feather packs will give you the opportunity to sample many of our colors and see which colors and lengths are popular with your clients. From there you re-order from our individual feather colors you most popular selling products and lengths.

Seasonal and Holiday Hair Feather Collection

Trendy colors for the Season or Holiday. We have many new packs coming for Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Fourth of July, St Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras, and Halloween.

Sizing Guide

Use our hair feather sizing guide to help determine which length hair feathers you need for your hair style. To shorten the hair feathers trim them shorter at the top.

Short: 7 inch to 9 inch for short hair length

Medium: 9 inch to 12 inch for short to above shoulder length hair

Long: 11 inch  to 14 Inch for shoulder length hair

Very Long: 14 inch to 16 Inch for hair below the shoulders a couple inches

Mega Long: 16 inches plus for hair several inches below your shoulder


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36 of 99 Items