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Festival Hair Feathers

Feather My Head offers 100% natural real feather extensions to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re heading to an EDM festival, a rock festival, or a country festival, Feather My Head has you covered. Our feather extensions come in a variety of lengths from 10 inches to very long feather extensions over 16 inches -giving you the perfect look for any music festival ourfit.


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8 of 8 Items

100% Natural Real Feather Extensions for Festival Outfits

Can you Wash and Curl Our Hair Feathers?

Absolutely! Wash, blow dry and curl our heat resistant feather hair extensions. Our feather extensions are 100% natural real feathers, so you can trust that they’ll last you through the festival season and beyond.

EDM Festival Feathers

Feather My Head's EDM Festival Feathers are perfect for creating the perfect festival look. Bright Neon and Fluorescent Feathers that Glow Under Black Light will make you stand out in the crowd.

Country Festival Feathers

Feather My Head's Country Festival Feathers are perfect for adding a touch of country-style to any festival look. Feather Extensions are the perfect accessory for any country outfit. You'll love the colors of our feathers in blue, brown, turquoise and white. With our Country Festival Feathers, you can easily create the perfect country-inspired look.

Rock Festival Feathers

Make a rock-and-roll statement at your next music festival with Feather My Head's Rock Festival Feathers. Our feather extensions in colors of red, black and white are sure to match any concert t-shirt. Our Rock Festival Feathers are the perfect addition to any rock-inspired look.