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Wholesale Hair Feathers

Wholesale Feather Hair Extensions

If you’re a salon owner or vendor looking for premium-quality hair feathers, look no further than Feather My Head. Our huge selection of hand-dyed feather hair extensions makes it easy to find exactly the colors and lengths you need. Plus, we only offer the highest grade hair feather extensions with lengths up to 16 inches long – a rare commodity in this market.

Hair Feather Exclusive Discounts and Special Offers

The best part is that when you apply for a wholesale feather hair extensions account with Feather My Head, you’ll have access to exclusive discounts, special offers and new products.

Real Feather Hair Extensions For Hair

Our hair feathers are 100% natural feather hair extensions that are heat resistant. You can wash blow dry and curl all our feather hair extensions, so you know your customers will get the best out of their product.

Premium Quality Feather Hair Extensions

At Feather My Head, we understand how important it is that salons and vendors have access to quality hair feathers at competitive prices. That’s why our team has dedicated itself to providing the very best premium quality hair feathers available. These feather extensions come in all sorts of colors, and lengths – giving your customers an amazing choice when it comes to styling their own unique look. All our feather hair extension products are ethically sourced and only from the USA

Bulk Hair Feathers

Our bulk salon packs are designed for the salons in mind to offer your clients the most popular and new products.

Bulk Hair Feathers

Long and Extra Long Feather Extensions

You will have access to our very long hair feather extensions that are over 16 inches in long. This length is perfect for those clients who wear long hair extensions and need the long feather extensions to ensure their look is complete.


So don't wait any longer – apply for a wholesale account today with Feather My Head and add an extra sparkle to your business!

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