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About Us

“Feather My Head” is a wholesale business located in Illinois, specializing in selling premium feather extensions, as well as other quality accessories. We pride ourselves with the fact our feathers are recognized as being of the highest quality, and measures to be the longest length on the market today. All of our feather hair extensions are “real” feathers. We do not import inferior quality (cheap) feathers. Every one of our feathers come from the highest sources of breeders in the USA.

Our customer service practice is the building of, and continuing a relationship with our customers by assisting them in any way possible to help their business grow.  Because we value our new and our repeat customers we will continue to deliver our quality products, accessories, and customer service, by sending feathers and products that WILL impress AND make you smile.

 >>> Quality

We have complete control of our manufacturing process. We purchase, pluck, inspect, sort, measure, hand dye, and package all of our own products. This gives us complete quality control from our nest to yours. All of our feathers can be washed, blow-dried, curled, and straightened.

 >>> Feather Styles

The Feather Styles are available in 3 distinct fashion styles which can be mixed together for a totally unique look. The styles are called

  • Grizzly: Grizzly is a barred feather (black lines) against a solid background
  • Solid: Feathers without the grizzly barring
  • Wide Fashion: Vary in width and typically wider at the top, narrowing as it descends to the tip of the feather. What we feather people call “feathers with fluff”

 >>> Colors

With the largest color selection on the web, all of our feathers are hand dyed at our facility.We use only professional dyes formulated for feathers extensions that will not wash out or fade under normal circumstances, even if exposed to chlorine. We are the leading manufacturer of hand dyed multi- colored rainbow feathers, custom blends are available for school colors, sport colors, events, etc. Please visit our website for our full color line.

 >>> Length

We offer many different lengths of feathers to accommodate short, medium, long, and extra-long hair, and have the unique ability to carry feathers over 14 Inches (36cm) long! This length is rare and hard to find. Please refer to our website or catalog.

 >>> Easy Online Ordering

Visit “” to see our wide selection of feathers. “Feather My Head” has the largest selection of lengths and colors. Our website makes ordering a breeze with pre - arranged color packs. Do you want more control? Visit our custom order page which is tailored for our wholesale clients wishing to place custom orders.

 > > > Wholesale

Request a wholesale account for volume and discount pricing. With our large inventory we have the rare ability to supply regular large quantities with a continued supply. We ship worldwide, and accept custom orders. “Feather My Head” leads the International market feather hair extensions across the globe.