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Mixed Hair Feathers

Feather My Head real hair feathers offers a variety of mixed feather hair extension sets. Our high-quality premium hair feathers come in all lengths of short, medium, long, and extra-long feather extensions.

Rainbow Hair Feathers

For a truly unique look, we offer rainbow hair feathers. These feather hair extensions are multiple colors on one hair feather for a unique tie dye effect.

Design Your Own Hair Feather Pack

If you want to create a truly unique look, you can design your own feather hair extension set with Feather My Head Hair Feathers.

Our design-your-own feather hair extension sets are sold as individual hair feathers.  We offer a large variety of colors so you can create the perfect feather extension hair accessory for your outfit or special occasion.


Real hair feathers sourced only from the USA – our customers can be sure that they are receiving 100% natural real hair feathers of the highest quality and origin.

Heat resistant feather hair extensions– our hair feathers resist damage from heat styling so feather hair extensions last longer.

Long lengths are available in our long feather extensions and very long feather extensions – customers can choose between different lengths for the perfect look for them.


Versatile styling options – with our real hair feathers, customers can wash, blow dry, and curl their feather extensions so they can create any style they desire.

Long-lasting extensions – our heat-resistant hair feathers prevent heat damage to maintain a beautiful look for longer.

Get ready to express your style with Feather My Head! Our feather hair extensions will help you stand out and create the perfect look for any occasion. Shop now and show off your unique style!

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38 of 38 Items