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Rainbow Tie Dye Feather Hair Extenisons

Introducing the Rainbow Tie Dye Collection--the perfect way to add a splash of color and some extra sparkle to your look with our colorful feathers! If you're looking for rainbow colored hair without the commitment of hair color our multi color hair feather extensions are for you. 

These unique hair feathers feature colored feathers in a tie dye ombre effect with multiple colors on one feather, allowing you to keep up with the trend in style. Whether you’re looking for bold colorful highlights, multi highlighted hair or something more subtle, this collection of feather colors has what you need! We use only premium feathers in both short and very long lengths over 16 inches, so you can rock the latest hair style without compromising quality. 

For an eye-catching accessory that will bring out your true colors, the Rainbow Tie Dye Collection is definitely the way to go. Our collection was designed especially for those who love to make a social statement. With these vibrant feather colors, you'll be showing off your unique look everywhere you go! Be sure to shop our Rainbow Tie Dye Collection for some extra flare today!

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16 of 16 Items