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Hair Feathers - Discounted Variety Packs in Bulk

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Feather Extension Kit, Instructions, Hair Loop / Threader For Installing Micro Beads, Micro Beads
  • Feather Hair Extensions Pliers
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Feather My Head: Discounted Hair Feather Extensions

Save with Our Discounted Variety Pack of Hair Feather Extensions

At Feather My Head, we pride ourselves on the high quality premium grade of our hair feather extensions. These packs contain feathers that, for some examples, did not meet our high-quality standards.

Each pack is a treasure trove of uniqueness, offering a kaleidoscope of colors and lengths. With no two packs alike, you're promised a fresh burst of creativity with every use.

Key Features of Our Discounted Hair Feathers:

  • Quantity: Available in 50 or 100 piece options, providing an ample supply for versatile styling.
  • Colors In This Collection: Each pack showcases a delightful mix of hues. No two packs are alike, guaranteeing a fresh burst of creativity with every use.
  • Styling Versatility: You can easily wash, blow dry, and use hot styling tools like curling irons or flat irons to style these hair feather extensions as desired.
  • Real Hair Feather Extensions: Crafted from genuine rooster feathers, our extensions exude authenticity and charm, despite being discounted non-premium selections.
  • American Sourced: Our hair feathers are sourced exclusively from the USA.
  • Heat Resistant: Designed to withstand heat styling tools, allowing you to freely experiment with various looks.
  • Length: Ranging from 7 to 11 inches, offering versatility in styling options.
  • Durable: With proper care, these hair feathers can last 4 to 6 months, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Hassle-free Installation: Optional hair feather kit makes installation quick and easy.
  • Beautiful Feather Pattern: Mix of beautifully patterned grizzly striped feathers and solid color feathers.

Reasons these are not premium hair feathers:

  • Width: Feathers may be thinner compared to our premium packs, adding to their natural charm.
  • Grizzly Markings: Black barring on grizzly feathers may not be as sharp and clear as in premium feathers, enhancing their unique appearance.
  • Color Imperfections: Hand-dyed feathers may contain color imperfections or discontinued colors, adding character to each piece.
  • Broken Tips or Areas: As these are discounted feathers, some may have slight imperfections such as broken tips or areas, which do not affect their overall beauty or functionality.

Optional Hair Feather Kit Includes:

  • Loose feathers in your desired length and selected quantity.
  • Micro Link Beads to attach to your hair - silicone lined to protect hair and stop slippage.
  • Pulling Looping Tool (Used to Pull Hair through Micro Bead).
  • Easy to follow installation and hair feather care instructions.
  • Phone support if help is needed.
  • Pliers are not included but are available for purchase under Hair Feather Tools and Supplies!

Styling and Care of Our Hair Feather Extensions:

  • Our guaranteed real feathers are soft and flexible, ideal for hair feather extensions.
  • All feathers can be washed, styled, and treated like your own hair: blow dry, straighten, curl, etc.
  • When dying hair, simply wrap the feather in foil to avoid contact with dye.
  • Feathers can also be cut at the top for a length customized to you.
  • Be gentle when removing hair ties.
  • With proper care, hair feathers can last 4 to 6 months.

Looking for Premium Hair Feathers? Explore Our Website for More Options

If you're searching for premium hair feathers, we have a selection available in other areas of our website. Check out our classic mixed sets for a curated blend of high-quality feathers. Additionally, we offer salon and vendor bulk feathers for those needing larger quantities of top-grade feathers.

For more information on the differences in quality of hair feathers, read our article: Hair Feathers: Why Quality Matters - A Guide to Premium Feather Extensions.